Polar Bear Run Shivers

Why on Earth are you riding tomorrow? It’s going to be under 40 degrees all day.  I know this. I watch the weather. I usually am very astute to what the weather is doing when it’s time to ride in any of the winter months. Why am I riding? I like to think it’s because this is the Polar Bear Run and it raises funds for the Ponca City American Legion Riders and the association. They assist Veterans and give them a place to gather and have fellowship with other veterans. This, to me, is a great reason to ride. Regardless of the weather, there’s a few events which I feel I cannot say no. Any rides for Veterans is on the top of that list. They don’t get the option of not going out in the snow, rain, freezing ice or any other weather condition to fight for my freedom. Therefore, I must bundle up, buckle up my boots and ride for their cause! No.  It’s not for everyone, but this ride and its purpose is for me!

This year was no exception to the low temps and high winds. I joined up with my nephew and a few friends to hit the road in a cold 26 degrees at 8am. We head North. My fingers are tingling a bit by the time I reach Ponca City. I look at the kids with me on their Sport Bikes and realize that I probably should have stopped to give them a chance to warm up. They are lacking in fairings and leather which keep me warm.  However, they stuck with me and we were quick off the bikes and into the building to warm up inside while the temps outside crept upwards about 10 degrees after a few hours. As we rode the route, we found that Northern Oklahoma doesn’t have a lot in the way of restaurants. (I must return back to this area to find out if there are some hidden hometown cooking spots I’m not aware of.) We stick it out the full day, get a great meal at the casino and it’s back to the lodge where we get to bid on a few auction items, they read our poker hands, numerous door prize tickets and hand over a large 50/50 pot. None of the 5 in our group were winners, however we will be back!  I hope to see you riding with us next year! Bundle up and go!

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