March Letter to the Editor

Hello Riders of Oklahoma and Arkansas!

Wow! It’s been great seeing all of you out and about again. Yes, some of you never stop riding, but I miss everyone so much on those couple of winter months in which holiday travel replaces long road on two wheels for many of you. Even if we do ride, we don’t go hang out at our local haunts.

Speaking of local haunts, let us know where you go and the places you plant your rear on the stool. We would like to know this to make sure that they have a chance at having our motorcycle magazine in their store, bar, shop or other popular location. The more we get out and about, the more you learn about the fun events happening around our states.

Would you do me a big, giant favor? Will you go online and register for our FREE Online Subscription? I know many of you are reading us online, but did you know that, if you subscribe, you’ll get the magazine each month directly in your email.  Not only the magazine, but our periodic newsletter, The FLASH, will come straight to your email as well. Never miss another fun event or ride! Find out where you can go through our Events calendar and The Flash! For all the good times on two wheels, get The FLASH!

This is the issue that starts all the fun and action! March opens everyone up to thinking ahead to longer days and hot bike nights across our states. We are looking for these bike nights to advertise and possibly a few other reasons in which we can help.

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