Remembering Our Heroes Poker Run

This summer I was introduced to the Moose Riders Chapter 1740 of Enid. The Moose Riders and the fine folks at Cycle Ward, also in Enid, had committed to raise funds for the Woodring Wall of Honor and asked for my assistance. I’d heard a little about the Wall of Honor, but I’d yet to have visited it or seen the entire project plans. But, by the end of the week of our first meeting, I’d not only seen the wall construction, but had a tour of the entire project and was able to attend a Moose Riders meeting to see the presentation of the plans for Woodring Memorial Park by Elaine Johns. I was moved by how the Moose Riders had committed to this project and were setting a pace to raise funds quickly.

Their first large fundraiser was last month. They had a poker run that raised over $5000 with over 100 riders registered. Not only did they raise money through the poker run, but they had several dinners and extra fundraisers at their monthly meetings leading up to the run. These photos are the riders who attended the poker run. The group of five men standing in front of the first completed section of the wall, are the Vietnam Veterans who rode this run. The mid-sized group are all veterans and the largest group is the full group of riders who made this poker run a success. The members of the Moose Riders asked that we pass along a thank you to everyone who rode and helped with this run.

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